Dog pee spots are annoying, and you don’t have just to deal with them. There are some tips to help prevent them and ways to bring the grass back in those areas. Remember in spring, when the grass is greening up, people start to realize how much damage has happened over the winter. We all get impatient, but the damage didn’t happen overnight and there isn’t any instant fix.

Several of our customers have told us, that our lawn fertilization helps with their dog spots since we use a more natural soil boosting approach to our fertilization packages. The main thing is prevention – we have used the supplement below for over 10 years and in the winter, we don’t stop using it. Just because the grass is dormant, doesn’t mean the damage is! I go down to a 2/3 dose in winter but never stop giving it to our dog.

1) Grass Saver Tablets are a great product to neutralize the urine of your dogs. We used it with all our dogs over the years. My brother recommended them to us so combined we have over 20 years experience with this product! We get them on Amazon. Just remember, even in winter, you need to be giving them to your dog.

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2) Hand water the spots with a hose to reduce the amount of nitrogen burn. Water, water, water! So when you are obsessing about the spots and the weather is nice, get a hose on those spots.

3) We used a dog pee post to encourage our dog to pee in a particular area. Mixed reviews on Amazon but for us once the dog’s own scents are developed and the habit is made they will tend to go in that spot.

3) Read our blog post about how to train your dogs to go where YOU want.

Here is a picture of a dog spot. The salts and enzymes in the dog urine cause the straw colored center and the urea (nitrogen) creates a greener ring around the edge. Over time, dogs are creatures of habit and return to the same areas to go to bathroom and cause further damage and injury.

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