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July is a tough month for lawns. They are looking heat stressed. We wanted to share some helpful tips to get your lawn looking lush and beautiful again!

1) Check your sprinklers 
Turn your sprinklers on and check them for broken heads or to ensure they are watering evenly.

2) Put out containers (We use small bowls that are the same size to check the evenness of the sprinkler’s coverage). Place multiple containers all over your lawn to gauge how much water is actually reaching each area.

3) Is your lawn lush around sprinklers but looks parched further out? Check sprinkler head depth. If they are too deep they won’t be able to reach above the blades of grass and reach all of their intended zones. Changing sprinkler heads might help with this problem.

4) Water more than you do now. It will take more watering to get it back if it has heat stress.

5) Leave your lawn longer. Don’t cut your lawn shorter than 3 inches, keeping it longer helps to ease heat stress.

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