EcoTurf Lawn Care & the Environment

EcoTurf is not your grandparent's lawn care business.  We use modern products and methods to deliver outstanding services while significantly decreasing our impact on the environment.  EcoTurf takes the stewardship of the ecosystem seriously and understands that our children and grandchildren will inherit this earth.  Let us help you keep it beautiful.

Professional Team

EcoTurf uses trained and certified technicians.  All lawn care companies must have employees certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture  in order to provide services.  Usually, a supervisor or department head that will hold this certification, not always the technician.  With EcoTurf, every technician is trained and certified.  They are able to diagnose lawn diseases, weeds and insects, and make recommendations for treatment.

Our employees understand the importance of safe handling practices and proper application methods, as well as the appropriate time of year to treat.

Colorado Dept of Agriculture

Professional Affiliations

EcoTurf is a member of the Colorado Arborists and Lawn Care Professionals (CALCP).  Their vision "...is to unite Colorado's green industry to make our state a better safer place to live; a state where every tree and lawn care professional is properly trained, licensed and certified."  Click on the logo below to learn more.

Colorado Arborists and Landscape Professioinals

Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care