Lawn Aeration

EcoTurf Aeration

Colorado soil compacts easily because of the high amount of clay in the composition.  The best way to loosen hard Colorado soil is through core aeration, allowing water and micro-nutrients to enter the soil and allow roots to grow deeply beneath the surface, creating a strong, healthy lawn. Aeration also helps your lawn to flourish at the beginning of the growing season by loosening the soil for root development, while gently decreasing the thatch in your lawn. In the fall, aeration breaks up the ground after being baked hard again by the hot summer sun and allows autumn and winter moisture to absorb even when your grass is dormant which sets your lawn up for success in the spring. Our minimum recommendation is  once a year but highly recommend twice a year to increase absorption of water and nutrients and overall lawn health.

EcoTurf's aeration service will:
• Loosen hard and compact soil
• Decrease thatch buildup
• Allows oxygen to enter the root zone
• Promotes deep root growth (crucial to a healthy lawn)
• Increase absorption of water and micro-nutrients into the soil

Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care