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Lawn Care and Gardening Tips

Liquid Aeration an alternative to Core Aeration

EcoTurf is now offering two types of aeration for your lawn! Liquid Air8 and our standard Mechanical Core Aeration. Liquid Air8 is splitting the soil structure at a much smaller scale, than Mechanical Core Aeration, allowing deep penetration of water which roots will...

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Why Do I Have Weeds In My Yard In Winter or Early Spring?

Why do I have weeds in Winter or Early Spring? This is a common question, people ask us here at EcoTurf, this time of year. It is truly surprising to see weeds pop up so quickly this early in the season. Many of them are called winter annual broadleaf weeds and they...

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Colorado’s Most Common Lawn Problem

Necrotic Ring Spot is Colorado's most common lawn problem. Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge, if you want!  1) Cutting out the ring spots and putting in new sod will help NRS.T/F 2) Aeration is very helpful for lawns with NRS.T/F 3) NRS affects all...

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What are those tiny bugs in my lawn called?

Have you ever seen a lawn mite? They are teeny tiny red, green, orange or brown bugs that most people never notice. They are as small as a grain of sand.  Every yard has them so do not be worried if you see a few at your home. Photo credit to our 5 year old...

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Garden Upcycle Crib Idea

We got bunk beds for our two young daughters, so we no longer need the crib, we had converted into a toddler bed. Since it is a drop-side crib, we couldn't sell it, and it had been used by at least three maybe four kids and needed a new purpose. I wanted to try and...

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Misperceptions of Organic

Organic food, toiletries, and other products are on the rise. People are more aware of toxins and wanting to live healthier lives and make less of an impact on the environment. These are all good things! We also encounter a lot of folks, who want to go organic in...

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Snow Mold In Northern Colorado

This week when I was outdoors, I saw snow mold in some yards here in Northern Colorado. From far away it looks like matted down grass, but a closer look shows a gray web-like substance on the grass. What causes snow mold? According to CSU Extension, "Snow mold is a...

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Feast or Famine Cycle–What Not To Do To Your Lawn

Have you ever fertilized your grass and you had to mow and mow and mow for weeks, and then it starts to calm down and they come and do another round and the cycle repeats? This cycle is called feast or famine. We want to have a lawn fertilization program that has a...

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Lawn Problems–Grubs

Grubs are causing damage in lawns this time of year. Grubs eat the roots of your grass, causing damage. Grubs are difficult because they also attract raccoons, skunks and other animals that dig up the grass to feed on them. The animals can cause even more damage than...

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3 Tips To Stop Lawn Dog Pee Spots

Dog pee spots are annoying, but you don't have just to deal with them. Several of our customers have told us, that our lawn fertilization has taken care of their dog spots. Maybe you have a small yard or lots of dogs, so here are some more tips. 1) Grass Saver Tablets...

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