EcoTurf provides professional lawn care services for your commercial properties. Part of having a business is making positive first impressions, and the outside of your building is a critical part of that. We make them weed-free and beautiful.

Lawn Fertilization
Designed with Northern Colorado unique soil and climate conditions in mind, our commercial lawn fertilization program is tailored to the needs of that time in the season. All five rounds are entirely different from spring to fall.
Some of the common weeds our Commercial Lawn Fertilization Program takes care of are bindweed, black medic, crabgrass, dandelions, goat head weed, kochi, mallow, prickly lettuce, purslane, spurge, western salsify, and more. 
Weed Control
Weed Control
We offer pre-emergent and post weed control services for your rock and mulch beds to keep them clean and beautiful all year long with the lowest possible toxicity level products.  EcoTurf treats all your rock and mulch beds as well as driveway cracks to kill any weeds and grasses present.  EcoTurf’s philosophy on weed control is less is more--kill the weeds effectively and you will use fewer chemicals.
Pest Control
Insect Control
We provide insect control for insect infestations in turf. We only apply where the harmful insects are present and work to boost the health of the turf to fight off insects more naturally.
Native Areas
Native Areas
We service manicured turf as well as your native areas. We offer native area fertilization and weed control options to keep your Colorado landscape looking lush and weed free.
Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care