EcoSaver Irrigation Maximizer Program

When watering your lawn, unfortunately, a huge percentage is never utilized by the plants. This is primarily caused by gravity pulling moisture back down to the aquifer, runoff, and evaporation drawing moisture back into the atmosphere. While we can’t stop gravity, we can reduce evaporation and capture this moisture and make it available to the plants.  Just like we can’t drink humidity out of the air, plants can’t use moisture vapor present in the soil. The primary ingredient in our EcoSaver Irrigation Maximizer Program, Hydretain was designed to capture this moisture and turn it into microscopic liquid droplets to sustain turf between irrigation cycles. This synergistic technology provides water conservation and drought stress reduction in lawns. With Colorado communities, implementing more watering restrictions during summer months, this program is sustainable and key to keeping a green lawn even with heat, drought and/or watering restrictions.

Hydretain® is unique because of its’ ability to attract water molecules, create droplets, and then release those droplets to plant roots.”  Source

EcoSaver Irrigation Maximizer Program is a two-application per season program geared towards larger lawns, yet smaller lawns will still benefit from the savings and conservation of our important natural resource, water. With this program, you will be able to reduce your watering by 40%* or more while still maintaining a beautiful, healthy, and green lawn. This program can pay for itself over the course of the summer.  The EcoSaver program uses a proprietary blend of soil moisture captivating technology and a soil surfactant. Plus, we are combining this product with our Liquid Aeration and Liquid Dethatch products to offer you an outstanding value and maximize turf benefits from the cultural practices of aeration and thatch management.

This service begins in late spring, in order to take advantage of Colorado’s natural rainfall. The first application is applied with our Liquid Aeration. The second application happens approximately 60-70 days later and will be done with our Liquid Dethatch product that will take advantage of the warmer temperatures to break down thatch layers and further enhance nutrient uptake and water retention in the root zone.  (*Subject to proper watering techniques per our instructions.)


Below is a video of Hydretain®, the primary ingredient in our EcoSaver Irrigation Maximizer Program, pulling moisture vapor from the surrounding air and collecting it as water. In soil, this same action grabs unusable water vapor from the surrounding soil and turns it back into usable water for plants! Capturing water out of the soil and making it plant  available!

Hydratain Process

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