NEW EcoSaver Irrigation Maximizer Program

This two-application program is geared towards larger lawns, but smaller lawns can still benefit from the savings and conserve our important natural resource, water. With this program you will be able to reduce your watering by 40%* while still maintaining a beautiful, healthy, and green lawn. This program can pay for itself over the course of the summer. (*Subject to proper watering techniques per our instructions.)

The EcoSaver program uses a proprietary blend of soil moisture captivating technology and a soil surfactant. This synergistic technology provides water conservation and drought stress reduction on an organic compost carrier. Plus, we are combining this product with our Liquid Air-8 and Liquid D-Thatch products to offer you an outstanding value and maximize turf benefits from the cultural practices of aeration and thatch management.

We anticipate doing a huge volume of EcoSaver, since our customers have expressed a consistent desire to better manage watering efficiency. This service will begin in April/ May in order to take advantage of Colorado’s natural rainfall in spring. The first application will be applied with our Liquid Aeration. The second application will happen approximately 90 days later and will be done with our Liquid D-Thatch product that will take advantage of the warmer temperatures to break down thatch layers and further enhance nutrient uptake and water retention in the root zone.

Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care