Does EcoTurf mow?

EcoTurf does not mow grass but specializes in lawn fertilization, weed and insect control and lawn disease management. We will be happy to recommend someone to you.

What sets EcoTurf apart from other lawn care companies?

Our philosophy of lawn care is less is more. Let’s work with nature and boost the natural biology and chemistry in lawns to create healthier, greener grass with fewer chemicals. We put so much soil boosting naturally derived nutrients into our lawn fertilization programs – we can say with confidence our customers receive a free organic soil amendment in every application. We start from the soil up for a healthier lawn.

Does EcoTurf provide irrigation services?

EcoTurf does not offer irrigation services but will work with you on proper irrigation practices and make recommendations throughout the season (soil moisture, mowing height, etc.) as part of our customer service. Fertilization and irrigation go hand in hand. Without proper irrigation practices fertilization will not have its’ full benefits. We have irrigation companies we can recommend to you.

Should I aerate every year?

Yes, Colorado soil is hard, primarily clay, and aeration breaks it up and allows nutrients to reach the turf root zone. We have two methods of aeration for you to choose from – traditional core aeration, offered in the fall, or our liquid aeration. Our most popular liquid aeration uses chemistry to fracture the soil on a micro-level – no marking sprinkler heads or plugs to deal with.

Should I dethatch my lawn in Spring?

We do not recommend dethatching lawns in spring as a general rule of thumb because it can stress a lawn out by stripping too much away. If a lawn is in drought stress, from a dry winter, and hasn’t had irrigation water on it for a few weeks it can do more harm than good. If you have a lot of dead grass that didn’t come back raking it by hand is sufficient. Our Liquid Dethatch, part of Liquid Aeration/Dethatch package, puts micro-organism into the lawn to digest some of the thatch layer and turn it into a nutrient source for your lawn instead of stripping it all away.

When can I take down the yellow flag in my yard?

A homeowner can remove the yellow flag 24 hours after time of service. The purpose of the flag is to warn the public that an application has been applied at the residence or HOA.

We encourage customers to remove after 24 hours so that people take notice when a lawn is flagged and not become accustomed to seeing them and truly take note.

Will EcoTurf notify us before coming?

Yes.  We notify customers the day before we plan to service your property via email to let you know we are coming. It is important to check emails regularly because our primary method of communication is email. We send informative monthly, newsletters, service notifications and followup correspondence pertinent to a customer’s lawn. Best use of your investment in your lawn is to read your emails from us.

I received notification EcoTurf is coming tomorrow to fertilize – when is the best time to mow?

Mow before day of service or wait to two days after day of application. Water within 24 hours is optimal per watering schedule.

What do we need to do before EcoTurf comes?

Please pickup dog poop, toys, unlock gates and keep pets inside the day of application. Even if herbicide is not in the application, we do not want pet and children’s toys to have product sprayed on them! People and pets need to stay off for two hours for every application.

When should I turn on my sprinklers on in Spring?

The sooner the better. Soil temps down 6 inches or more are above freezing in April. We turn ours on in April. The main thing is to leave your insulated back flow cover on until lows are consistently above freezing. The above ground back flow needs to stay insulated to protect against freezing and this is the main area people get it wrong by removing the cover and then have freezing issues. There is a common misperception that in Colorado you do not turn your sprinkler system on until after Mother’s Day. This is too late for your lawn. If you turn your irrigation system off in October then your grass has not had consistent moisture for 6 months!  Check soil temps here : https://www.greencastonline.com/tools/soil-temperature

When is the best time to water my lawn?

Water in the morning (think early) anything after midnight is best. Water less often and longer to encourage deeper roots. We recommend the cycle and soak method for irrigation practices.

What do I do if I have a problem “dead” spot in my lawn?

There are a couple of important steps you can do yourself.

  • Check Sprinkler coverage in the area
  • Put out small bowls around your yard and see if the areas are receiving uniform water coverage.
  • Check soil moisture (get a screwdriver or other tool and poke a hole and stick your finger down in there. Is it hard and dry? Is it moist and soft? If hard and dry, go back to step 1 and work on sprinkler coverage. Touch the soil in that area – often it is a sprinkler coverage issue and touching the ground will help you assess if it is dry. https://myecoturf.com/brown-spot-diagnosis-and-irrigation-info-from-colorado-state-university/

How can I prevent dog pee spots?

There are several products on the market that you can feed to your dogs to neutralize their urine and prevent them from creating yellow spots in your lawn. Remember the dog pee spots didn’t happen overnight and they won’t disappear overnight. Best is to put your dog on a supplement to prevent the spots and give it to them year round since their urine is still burning the grass during dormant winter months. Read more about dog pee spots here.

How long should I cut my grass?

Great question! Remember tall is happy and short is crappy! Raise mower to highest height to not stress your grass out. Read more here.


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