Have you ever fertilized your grass and you had to mow and mow and mow for weeks, and then it starts to calm down and your lawn care company come and do another round and the cycle repeats? This cycle is called feast or famine. We want to have a lawn fertilization program that has a steady release of nutrients throughout the season. Many fertilizers break down too quickly releasing an excessive amount of nutrients too quickly.


The sudden surge of growth weakens the plant and makes it more prone to diseases. Think about your body when you push and push it too hard, it becomes weak and prone to sickness as well. Then after all this growth and release of nutrients, there is a period of famine where the grass loses its color and isn’t vibrant—it’s tired. Then repeat the cycle again.


Our program is comprised of ingredients designed to release nutrients at a slower rate and not create those rapid growth spurts. We want consistent growth with the slow and consistent release of nutrients your lawn requires. The result is a stronger healthier lawn that is more drought and disease resistant!

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