Our Greater Green Goal

By partnering with EcoTurf, you can help us achieve "Our Greater Green Goal" to reduce the amount of nitrates, phosphates, and pesticides from entering our environment.  As part of our commitment to our philosophy of sustainability, our goal is to eliminate:

  • 1,000 pounds of nitrates
  • 500 pounds of phosphates
  • 1,000 ounces of concentrated pesticides

Come be a part of more than just a lawn care company - be a part of making an environmental difference.

Extremely Knowledgeable

"I started with EcoTurf last spring after many years of applying fertilizer myself with mixed results. As a retiree, I prefer enjoying a green, healthy lawn as opposed to toiling over it, to get it to that point. Jordan stopped by on a sales call and explained his philosophy of lawn care. He was extremely knowledgeable about the challenges of Colorado soils and climate conditions and patient with me in understanding his methods of addressing these difficulties. Jordan emphasized the ecological sensitivity of his products. He walked around my yard and flower beds, showing me what was going on and how he could improve the health of both. I bought into his knowledge and attention to details, and I am glad I did. It doesn't happen overnight but by creating a healthy soil over time, the results became apparent and lasted through late fall. He always has time to explain what the problem is, why and how to correct it. That attention to detail and patience is priceless!"

Mark W. Greeley Customer
Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care