Hybrid Lawn Fertilization Program

Our Hybrid Lawn Fertilization Program combines the power of organic with the finest synthetics and lowest possible toxicity level weed control available.  This gives our customers a beautiful weed free lawn more naturally with fewer chemicals applied. Our primary ingredient in our custom proprietary hybrid blend is Holganix.

Holganix is a 100% organic bio-nutritional product, teaming with living biology.  It promotes increased resistance to diseases, insect damage and heat stress through significant root and cell wall development. Holganix fosters plant health while dramatically reducing the amount of chemicals required to provide customers with the lush lawn results they expect – all while helping to make the environment a better place for all.

Designed with Northern Colorado’s unique soil and climate conditions in mind, our lawn fertilization rounds are tailored to the needs of the season and work to boost your lawn more naturally. All five rounds are entirely different from spring to fall. Each round is custom mixed each day because we are applying living micro-organisms back into the lawn.

  • Rejuvenator (Early Spring) includes crabgrass pre-emergent
  • Root Development (Spring) includes crabgrass pre-emergent
  • Stress Reliever (Summer) include micro-spot weed control
  • Recovery (Late Summer) includes micro-spot weed control
  • Winterizer (Fall) late season weed control

Some common weeds our Hybrid Program takes care of are dandelions, spurge, crabgrass, mallow, bindweed, goat head, kochia, purslane, prickly lettuce, black medic, western salsify, etc.

Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care