Did you know that the numbers on your lawn mower do not correlate one to one numbers to inches? A number 3 does not mean 3 inches. A lot of people are mowing way too short because they think their mower is at 3 inches for example! Here in Northern Colorado, a high desert plateau, mowing grass too short causes problems. Taller grass helps to naturally choke out weeds, fight off heat stress and is downright healthier! Short grass is weak and stressed out. Learn more about the importance of mowing height here : https://myecoturf.com/cultural-practices-mowing/

Picture below shows lawn mower wheel numbers are 1-5 yet the mow height says 1.18-3 inches. 🧐 If you put the mower at the number 3 setting you are probably mowing at 2 inches. 😬 Choose a lawn mower that has taller mow settings and do not make the assumption the numbers correspond to inches.

This mower cuts at 3.75 inch height which is better!! Ours cuts at 4 inches which is what we recommend. Our mow gauges show 3-4 inch height as ideal for lawns.

Another common mow height problem is the front mower wheel setting is different than the back wheel height which will give you uneven cuts. If 5 is your highest setting both front and back wheels need to be set to 5. Sounds simple but sometimes the mower gets bumped and you might not realize one of your wheel settings got changed. A quick glance can help alleviate this problem.

Picture of a lawn mowed irregularly from either wrong wheel height or mower blade improperly installed.
Here is an example of uneven cutting of a lawn – maybe the blade isn’t on properly or wheels are not at same height.
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