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Insect Control

EcoGuard perimeter insect control
for your home


Do you hate finding earwigs, spiders, sugar ants, centipedes, boxelder bugs and other insects inside your home? Our EcoGuard Insect Control Program prevents crawling insects from entering your residence. We carefully apply an effective barrier, four times a year, to your house’s exterior. Since it is applied to the exterior, customers do not have to be present for us to complete the service. A convenient and effective way to keep insects from coming into your home.

Lawn Mites
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Lawn Insect Control

We provide insect control for lawn insect infestations from grubs, lawn mites, chinch bugs, billbugs, sod webworms, cutworms and other harmful insects. We check for insect damage as part of our customer service for our lawn fertilization programs. We understand the life cycle of the insects and when is the proper time to apply to achieve control.

*Please note - we are not currently offering one-time services. This service is offered to Lawn Fertilization Package customers.

Posts About Bugs

How To Make Landscapes Pollinator Friendly

How To Make Landscapes Pollinator Friendly

What do we have in our yard that makes it pollinator friendly? A variety of flowering plants that bloom from spring to late fall. Bulbs in the spring such as daffodils and tulips, violas, pansies, early spring ground covers and a lilac bush, for example. Bees and other pollinators love our butterfly bushes, roses, huge variety of coreopsis flowers, zinnias, poppies, dianthus, hollyhocks, cosmos, and too many to mention. In fall, mums, Russian sage and sedum and other frost resistant flowers continue to provide color and food sources.

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What are those tiny bugs in my lawn called?

What are those tiny bugs in my lawn called?

Lawn Mites cause serious problems when they reach infestation stages. Because of Colorado’s dry winters, lawn mites thrive in warm, dry conditions, and cause damage while grass is dormant. Damage won’t be evident until irrigation is turned on and sections of lawn do not green up.

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Lawn Problems–Grubs

Lawn Problems–Grubs

Grubs are causing damage in lawns this time of year. Grubs eat the roots of your grass, causing damage. Grubs are difficult because they also attract raccoons, skunks and even birds dig up the grass to feed on them. The animals can cause even more damage than the...

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Homemade Mosquito Spray That Works!!

Homemade Mosquito Spray That Works!!

Here in Northern Colorado, we are having a Mosquito Plague because of all the rain this spring. I don't know about you, but our family hasn't been enjoying the outdoors as much because of the pesky skeeters.  So I bought ingredients for making some homemade mosquito...

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