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EcoTurf announces different lawn care!

Our approach to lawn care is different from other companies. We don’t just fertilize; we apply living bio-nutrition to your lawn! Holganix is a complex plant-based compost tea we use in our custom blended lawn fertilizer programs.  We not only deliver organic material, but you get the advantage of adding living micro-organisms.  This creates healthy soil, roots, and grass. Designed with Northern Colorado unique soil and climate conditions in mind, our lawn fertilization programs work with nature to boost your lawn more naturally.

Our approach to lawn care is like probiotics for your grass. Probiotics are beneficial for our bodies and help boost our immune system and overall health. Instead of adding synthetic fertilizers and chemicals into your lawn, we cultivate the living biology and overall health of your lawn. This promotes healthier soil, roots and grass able to withstand drought, diseases and insects better more naturally. The most common approach to lawn care is to pump the grass full of synthetic nitrogen, then apply synthetic herbicides and insecticides. This results in a yard completely depleted of any natural micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria, leading to lawn diseases treated with synthetic fungicides. This cycle continues year after year, customer after customer. We focus on replenishing the natural biology that takes place between the soil and the roots.

You can’t have a beautiful lawn without healthy soil.

Soil is responsible for numerous functions that create a healthy turf. For example, according to Cornell University, soil retains and cycles nutrients, helps with pest and weed suppression and produces food and fiber for plants. If your soil isn’t healthy, more and more synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are needed to counteract the negative effects of poor soil quality.

Nitrogen can remain in the soil for up to 80 years? The micro-organisms in Holganix, unlock key nutrients from the soil. Our Holganix blend allows soil to unlock more nutrients like nitrogen, while reducing the amount of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Make a difference for the environment and your family with a beautiful EcoTurf weed-free lawn.  Let EcoTurf make your lawn safer for you, your family and our community.

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