Organic Lawn Fertilization Program

Eco Turf is passionate about providing environmentally responsible lawn care. We are proud to offer our organic lawn fertilization program which consists of five rounds.  Each round is tailored to the needs of the season and works to boost your lawn more naturally. All five rounds are entirely different from spring to fall. Our primary ingredient in our custom proprietary organic blend is Holganix.
Rejuvenator (Early Spring)
Root Development (Spring)
Stress Reliever (Summer)
Recovery (Late Summer)
Winterizer (Fall)
By using Holganix, our Organic Lawn Fertilization Program generates lush, green grass without the sudden surges that result from using synthetic fertilizers. Our Organic Program helps to create a natural environment, where plants are significantly less vulnerable to damage from insects, heat stress, and diseases  

Our program strengthens root and cell wall development, and naturally adjusts the pH level of the soil. Holganix is a 100% organic food-grade bio-nutritional product. It's safe for rivers and lakes and contains no pesticides, phosphates, nitrates or synthetics. Holganix is teaming with beneficial micro-organisms and non-manure derived organic matter. EcoTurf's Organic Program will create healthy soil, roots and grass.

Affordable and Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care