Spring is a great time to get your lawn mower ready for mowing season!

lawn mower tips lawn care weed controlTime to dust off the mower and get it up and running properly for the year. Lawn mowers are often a neglected piece of equipment in households. Here are some helpful tips to keep your mower running in optimal condition:

1) Flip your mower over and remove old and dried on chunks of grass.

2) Get the blade on your mower sharpened. Manweiler Hardware on Main Street in Windsor sharpens them. 

Did you know that dull mower blades can cause  grass blades to tear which needs more water to recover! Keep those mower blades sharp to help water less and your grass greener!

Example of torn grass blades from a dull mower blade.

3) Change the oil on your mower.

4) Check the battery for corrosion and clean up if present.

5) Clean foam air filters or replace paper ones.

6) Replace the fuel filter.

7) Change the spark plug.

8) Look for damaged parts and replace them if necessary.

Happy mowing and enjoy your yard this year!

(Though we do not offer mowing services, we are happy to recommend some great local companies.)

Mowing practices affect lawn health. Mowing on the highest setting is optimal. Scalping the lawn (cutting more than 1/3 of the blade off) creates stress which leads to a weaker lawn over time. Tall is happy and short is crappy when it comes to mowing height!

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