Grubs are causing damage in lawns this time of year. Grubs eat the roots of your grass, causing damage. Grubs are difficult because they also attract raccoons, skunks and even birds dig up the grass to feed on them. The animals can cause even more damage than the actual grubs! If you see holes like something has been digging in your lawn, peel back the grass near the damaged areas. It usually pulls back far too easily because the grubs have been eating off the roots and just pulling with your hands can pull back a section of grass to look for grubs. If white grubs like those picture below are found then an insecticide will need to applied to control them. Please leave such applications to professionals since proper product, timing and proper application methods are important to get control.

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Grub signs near edge of turf in Windsor. Grass easily pulls back by hand near areas torn up by animals searching for them to eat.
Small grubs – early in life stage.
Small grub larvae
Larger grub in same area as the smaller ones.
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