Liquid Dethatch

Traditional Dethatching or Power Raking involves stripping the thatch layer mechanically and removing the organic matter and usually discarding it. If not done correctly, it can damage the turf and strip too much of the living plant material along with the thatch. We do not recommend power raking but do want to break down the thatch layer and turn into fuel for the turf.

Thatch buildup is a problem in some lawns where the layer is too thick, and it blocks water and nutrients from getting down to the root zone. There are several contributing factors to thatch buildup such as soil composition, cultural practices of mowing, irrigation (overwatering or watering too frequently) and fertilization. Grass clippings are not a factor in thatch accumulation though this is a common misconception of homeowners.

This lawn is less than a year old yet it has a heavy thatch layer – water and nutrients are not able to get down to the root zone.

The homeowner was watering every day 2x a day. It is better to water deeply and longer less frequently rather than every day or 2x a day. We recommend watering every other day using the cycle and soak method.

Our Liquid Dethatch application focuses on digesting thatch efficiently through encouraging microbial activity at the soil surface and increasing heat. As the nutrients in this application break down together, they digest the thatch layer from the soil level up. Thatch is quickly reduced, and the organic matter is captured as a food source for your turf instead of removing it as in traditional power raking.

*Please note - we are not currently offering one-time services. This service is offered to Lawn Fertilization Package customers.

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