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Blooming Bindweed

Blooming Bindweed

Blooming Bindweed

Blooming Bindweed

Bindweed has several names–Creeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie, Wild Morning Glory to name a few. Bindweed spreads two ways – seed and roots. Pre-emergents help control the seeds and post emergent herbicide applications are needed to kill it down to the roots. Many people make the mistake of pulling them out instead of waiting until they are completely dead. Since the herbicide needs to travel down to the roots for total control, it is best to leave them for at least two weeks after application.

The flowers look a lot like Morning Glory  and the leaves are distinctly arrow-shaped. It is a vine and in extreme cases, it will choke out good plants if not controlled. In Spring when Bindweed isn’t blooming yet and just beginning to emerge is the best time to get control before they start to spread.

For more information go to CSU Extension at https://planttalk.colostate.edu/topics/lawns/1552-bindweed-control-lawns/

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