Puncture Vine or Goat Head Weed (Tribulus terrestris) is showing up in Northern Colorado! Oh yay. The seeds or burrs of this weed can easily puncture bike tires (hence the name!), you and doggie paws. I think this is the weed I hate the most. This pesky weed can grow up to 3 feet and because it seeds stick to anything and spread quickly. Once established it can be hard to get rid of so nip it early! You can pull it out when young, but once it starts to flower and producing seeds, it will keep coming back over and over again even in the same season. Or contact us for weed control options. 🙂

Young Puncture Vine spotted this week in Windsor.
Young Puncture Vine spotted this week in Windsor.

The mature plant has yellow flowers and you can go to the CSU site to see more pics. Learn more about us at www.myecoturf.com.

Weed of the Week: Goat Head
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